A Butcher’s Guide – How Do We Cook Meat?

A Butcher’s Guide

How Do We Cook Meat?



How do we cook a good steak? For the ultimate flavour, we choose to cook over charcoal. While still appetising, meat cooked via gas or grill has less taste. You’ll find charcoal incorporates more flavour with the delicious smokiness of the wood seeping into the meat for a mouth-watering journey. Cooking steaks with the bone in differs from cooking without. This is because steaks with bones take longer to heat up than those without. As a result, meat close to the bone cooks for less time and therefore is extra tender and juicier.

There’s loads of other factors to take into consideration when cooking. Rest times for example differ depending on size. The general rule of thumb is the larger the steak, the slower the cook, and longer it needs to rest to allow heat through it.


Choosing a Steak That’s Right for You?

Quite simply, it all boils down to preference. If you prefer a rich, ‘meaty’ flavour for example, the scotch fillet or bone in ribeye has your name on it. If you’re after a more delicate flavour perhaps rump eye or striploin is more to your liking.

When ordering we always suggest having your steaks cooked as per the chef’s preference. As the experts, we’ll ensure they’re prepared perfectly! We also have an impressive, fully stocked deli section where you can take home prime cuts of meat to cook at home (stay tuned for more articles on cooking the ultimate steak at home).

The best news is you can keep coming back to sample and determine your favourite! We’d love to see you again. Cementing our place in Hawthorn as one of Melbourne’s premium steak and wine bars, every type of steak we serve is cooked to perfection so it will be a tough choice. Above all, remember the perfect kind of meat is the one you like! After all, the customer is always right. Right 😉