A Butcher’s Guide – Steak Cuts

A Butcher’s Guide – Steak Cuts

Everything You Need to Know to Order



Eye Fillet


Galloway Beef. Wet Aged for 3 weeks, 3+ MSA marbling score

Flavour Profile: Renowned for its tenderness and subtle flavour, an eye fillet is cut from the tenderloin section of the cow. How apt! As one of the most succulent cuts it has a high degree of marbling and we serve it with or without the bone.

Where From: The hind quarter section of the animal. It is a tender strip of muscle tucked away next to the backbone.

Also Known As: Beef tenderloin

Why Order It: Because it is one of the leaner cuts of meat that still retains its tenderness.

Did You Know: Its meat is so tender as it comes from an area of the cow where the muscles don’t flex much!


Scotch fillet

Galloway Beef. Wet Aged for 3 weeks, 3+ MSA marbling score


Flavour Profile: With this prime cut, internal fats are marbled in the centre rather than on outside.

Where From: The forequarter area of the animal, running from the striploin to the chuck section.

Also Known As: A ribeye

Why Order It? This lean and tasty morsel is Richard’s favourite cut of meat. He explains being close to the rib bone develops a deeper, more intense flavour compared to other cuts of meat. Delicious!

 Did You Know: A scotch fillet is actually a rib-eye fillet with the bone removed!


Rump Eye

Galloway Beef. Wet Aged for 3 weeks, 3+ MSA marbling score


Flavour Profile: Lean and full-flavoured with a firmer texture. Think of this cut as the tenderest of all the rump muscles!

Where From: A boneless piece of meat that lies between the striploin and topside section of the animal.

Also Known As: A rump steak

Why Order It? This is Mehdi’s favourite cut of meat. Often underrated, this cut is full of tenderness and full of flavour!



Galloway Beef. Wet Aged for 3 weeks, 3+ MSA marbling score


Flavour Profile: A lean steak that retains all its delicious tenderness. It has a wonderful layer of fat along the top, with the soft, juicy meat below.

Where From? The back of the animal

Why Order It? Tender, juicy and flavoursome, order a striploin for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. What’s not to love!

Did You Know: A striploin is the old school porterhouse! A butcher calls it a striploin but Aussie’s usually call it porterhouse.


Dry Aged Bone in Ribeye

3+ MSA marbling score, dry aged for 6 weeks

This prized 400g cut can be cooked with or without the bone. We prepare it with the bone for extra flavour and that ‘gnaw-on-the-bone’ experience.


Flavour Profile: Rich and intense ‘beefy’ flavour which comes from the high-level of marbling within the meat and surrounding edges.

Why Order It: For a flavourful steak bursting with tenderness but with just enough ‘chew factor’ to re-enforce being a vegetarian isn’t for you.


Dry Aged T-Bone

3+ MSA marbling score, dry aged for 6 weeks

Unleash the carnivore! Best shared between two, our 600g T-Bone is dry aged to perfection.


Flavour Profile: We describe our dry aged T-Bone as rich and buttery. It’s the idyllic combination of taste and tenderness coupled with earthy and nutty flavours.

Why Order It: When you’re dining with two, it’s a fabulous cut for a shared experience with the unique combination of mellow, yet intense flavours.


Bone in Tomahawk

Go big or go home! This is an all-time eating sensation! Mehdi notes the phenomenal marble level makes this showstopper a talking point for all at the table.


Flavour Profile: Once again, tenderness is the name of the game. For such an enormous steak it is deliciously tender and oozes a delicate buttery flavour.

Why Order It: For the wow factor! This fabulous steak demands to be shared, so bring your friends and your appetite. Not only is it more cost effective to share but there’s something primal about this stunning cut. It brings new meaning to the term demolish and will be a talking point throughout the entire dinner!